Message for the Media

Honoring the victims of the A bomb 65 years ago by universal nuclear abolition

Prof. Ernesto Kahan*

Our current society is at a transcendental crossroads. On one hand, the use of natural resources is very efficient, but on the other, that same use is endangering the continuity of life on our planet. On one hand, new technology and systems of intensive production permit us to obtain an elevation in the quality of life for all humanity, but on the other, new conflicts are threatening to use weapons of mass destruction, mainly atomic, and with it the potential destruction of our civilization and life on Earth. On one hand, science penetrates into the “secrets” of life and the universe, but on the other, the pseudo sciences, superstition, fraud and fundamentalist and irrational thought have acquired economic and political power, and promote fanaticism, terrorism and intolerance.

At present 16% of the world population do not know how to read and write; 14% suffer from malnutrition; and only one % has access to secondary or higher education.  Today, we write and publish in Web pages and magazines of literature, but we do not reach at the population, since less than 10% have access to Internet.  For scientists and writers the option is clear:  To be a locked group in the laboratories or in elites and separated from the culture and the social needs of the population, or to be dedicated to mankind with a humanist attitude and in dialogue with other intellectuals.

Now I am in Japan to honor the victims of the A bomb 65 years ago, and to promise you not to rest until nuclear disarmament and peace will be achieved.

Considering the great activity and campaign for a total universal nuclear disarmament by the year 2020; myself in common with Poet and Philosopher Guy Crequie, proposed for the Nobel Prize 2010, the organization Mayors for Peace and their President and Vice president Mayors of the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively. 


* Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan MD MPH.
University Professor - Poet – Physician
President- Israeli Association of Writers. Spanish Branch
Vice President- World Academy of Arts and Culture USA
Former Vice President of IPPNW (Organization awarded the Nobel Peace Prize) and the actual president of the Israeli Branch
Honorary President of SIPEA – International Society of Poets Writers and Artists
Vice President Intl Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC)
Vice President. Global Harmony Association (GHA)