Enhancing UN Accountability: The Role of Global Civil Society

I. Introduction

U Concept of accountability (no.2)

III. Accountability in the UN context:
 1. Use of the term (accountability / accountable) in the UN text
   (examples) (no.3)
 2... Managerial accountability (no.4)
 3... Political accountability (no.5)

IV. Framework for strengthening UN accountability to improve relevance,
  effectiveness and efficiency of its activities:
 1. Main actors in practice in the functional framework of UN activities (no.6)
 2. Framework involving stakeholders for enhancing UN accountability (no.7)

V. Stakeholder engagement:
 1. Background (no.8, 9, 10)
 2. What we expect from stakeholder engagement (no.11)
 3. Modalities (no.12)
 4. Reports containing elements for encouraging “engagement” (no.13)
 5. State of affairs
 5-1 UN
  (1) Evolution of “engagement” with non-state actors (no.14)
  (2) GA Hearings, 23-24 June 2005 (no.15, 16)
  (3) Example of effect of civil society on” Outcome Document”
   (Sept. 2005) (no.17)
 5-2 UN system overview (no.18, 19, 20, 21)

VI. Conclusion (no.22)

  Annex 1 Steps to be taken to enhance UN accountability (no, 23)
  2 Related chart (no.24)

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